Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Visitors and users (hereinafter referred to as Guests) of the SteakShow.com internet reservation system (hereinafter referred to as Systems) agree to comply with the following conditions (hereinafter the Rules) when purchasing and booking a venue.

Restaurant SteakShow (Show Organizer) has the right to change the System’s terms of use by posting the relevant information / news at www.steakshow.com. The amendments take effect from the moment they are published.

website reservation

• All show seats are sold subject to availability under these conditions. These conditions should be read carefully before purchase, and any issues related to them should be resolved with the show organizer prior to purchase, as the purchase of seats means acceptance of these conditions.

• Guest receives confirmation of system seats (voucher) via email address provided by guest on system after payment. If you do not receive confirmation, the Guest is required to contact the Program Organizer to resolve the issue.

• When booking, you are required to provide your telephone number to contact them in the event of unforeseen situations.

• To participate in the show, you must present – A voucher valid only on the date specified on the voucher. One (1) voucher only allows one (1) person.

• Any mistake made during purchase cannot be corrected by you after purchase. Please check your location confirmation carefully and contact us immediately in case of error.

• If canceled or rescheduled, the program for another date for up to 14 days is free.

• If the show is canceled 13 to 4 days, only 50% of the price will be returned.

• If the program is canceled three days before the show starts or fails to show, funds will not be refunded.

• You can postpone the program visit due to illness or emergency by confirming the organizer 48 hours before the program starts.

2. Cancellation and modification by event organizers:

The show organizer reserves the right to cancel, postpone, delay, interrupt or interrupt the show for important reasons (eg due to illness, technical problems and emergency situations). In this case, participants will be notified in advance, the participation fee will be refunded or the Show will be postponed to other dates and times.

3. Price and Payment

• If you pay by credit card at www.steakshow.com, you can use the electronic toll payment system.

• For empty seats at the Show, payment can be made on site.

4. Refund

• Refunds to your card will be made within 28 business days based on the return form which will be downloaded from our website www.steakshow.com.

5. Conditions of Admission

• The minimum age to participate in the show is 7 years.

• Punctuality is very important, it is advised that you arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled start of the show. If the guest is late for the show, they may be asked to start the 2nd course without changing the voucher cost.

• The organizer does not guarantee that dishes will be prepared without common allergens such as nuts, dairy, gluten, etc. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the menu on our site before purchasing a voucher. You are responsible for your health and safety and should observe all precautions related to your health, including diabetes, food allergies, etc., without contacting the organizer.

• The organizer reserves the right to refuse access to the program under reasonable circumstances, including health and safety issues. The organizer also reserves the right to require you to leave the venue at any time for reasonable reasons, for example, you may remove anyone who:

a) behave in a manner that, in the reasonable opinion of the Organizer, has or may affect the pleasure of other Customers; or

b) uses threatening and offensive words or behavior that may disturb the peace of the Organizer and other Guests; or

• You voluntarily assume all risks and hazards associated with the event that occurred before, during or after the actual event, including death, injury, loss, damage or liability.

6. Event Safety Rules

• Only small items, such as a cell phone or compact cameras, can be brought with you to the table when visiting the Show. A bouquet of flowers or large bags is strictly prohibited. You are responsible for protecting your personal items, such as cell phones and cameras. The organizer is not responsible for damage or loss of your items, if any.

• You are always required to adhere to and obey any instructions given by the Organizer’s employees. Touching any existing device or equipment is strictly prohibited and may lead to legal action.

7. Limitations and Prohibitions

• The use of equipment to record or transmit (digitally or otherwise) any audio, visual or audiovisual material or any information or data on site is strictly prohibited unless it is intended for personal use only.

• The organizer reserves the right to use any photo / video taken at any concert without the written permission of those included in the photo / video. The organizer may use the photo / video in publications or other media materials produced, used or contracted by the organizer, including but not limited to brochures, invitations, books, newspapers, magazines, television, websites, etc.

• Anyone who wants their photo / video not to be distributed should inform the Organizer in writing of their intentions.

• The following are prohibited at the show: a) animals b) your food and drink (if this is not allowed by the organizer); c) glass bottles, flasks or containers (if this is not allowed by the Organizer); d) Any object that may be construed as a potential weapon, including sharp or pointed objects (such as knives); and e) Illegal substances. f) Professional / commercial recording devices.

Purchasing a voucher means you have read and accepted all of the booking conditions above.